About Us


We create Anti Theft Stamps to keep your personal information safe, Luggage Locks, and wireless signal blocking RFID products that keep your digital devices, credits cards and passport safe.

Our mission is to create practical and reliable gear that protects you without sacrificing your style.

Our popular Identity Theft Stamp Sold has helped more than 30,000 protect their identity by hiding their personal information from the mail their receive every day.
Our Identity Theft Stamps makes it simple to blackout your personal information from packages and junk mail. We see that our customers enjoy being able to do it with one swipe instead of wasting precious time with a marker.

With our products, we also provide free advice on how to keep your identity safe without having to worry all the time.

We are constantly improving from the feedback we get, and we put everything we got into creating new solutions for our customers. 


There is only one thing we put higher than our product quality, and that is our customer service. At Vantamo we are not happy until our customers are happy and safe. For us, our customers are more than just a number, and we are only in business because our customers are happy. If you have any issue or some great feedback, contact us and see for yourself!


Products keep changing improving and preferences can change over time, but we believe that there are some things that will never change:

Vantamo was built and is growing based on this set of core values:  

  1. Happy employees result in happy customers
  2. If we made a mistake we fix it
  3. Never stop learning and improving by listening to our customers
  4. Keep people safe without sacrificing style