Money Belt

Product Description

Secure your belongings like never before

While other money belts might hold your passport and little more, the Vantamo Travel Money Belt is optimally sized to be big enough to accommodate not just your passport, but even your phone and case. Comfortable, roomy and made out of high quality materials to last long.

  • Enough room for passport and smartphone, even with cover
  • Made with premium materials to last you a long, long time
  • Comes with improved straps that are comfortable yet resilient
  • Equipped with YKK Zippers: the most reliable on the market
  • You get two recovery stickers to protect you in case of loss

Travel with your possessions and your peace of mind completely intact, thanks to our travel money belt. Because every traveler deserves nothing less.

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Secure your belongings with style

Safety is often a choice that doesn't look fashionable, and is associated with inconvenience, extra work and clumsiness. With Vantamo you don't have to make that compromise. Not only is our belt optimized for the highest safety, but it comes in a convenient, smooth and fashionable design. You don't have to compromise to be safe.

  • Packs slim while being spacious.
  • Modern and stylish safety travel pouch
  • Easy access to compartments makes for smooth handling
  • Design has been made with style, utility and safety in mind
  • Your peace of mind is uncompromised

There’s no better feeling than knowing your valuables are safe and sound right inside your travel money belt.

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More Reasons Why

Both Compartments Are RFID Blocking

Not too many people understand the danger involved with RFID-scanning devices that allow criminals to digitally steal your information, money, or even identity, but we do. This is why our travel money belt is fully RFID blocking. Travel without the stress of worry. Travel with a belt that is fully RFID blocking.Does not block signal of key fobs.

One Place For All Your Valuables

Nothing is more stressful than just getting ready to board your flight and then forgetting where you placed your boarding card, passport or credit card maybe even questioning if it was stolen? With our Money Belt you always know where your valuables are and most importantly that no one can or will try to steal them from you.

Simply The Best Quality On The Market

While other belt might have zippers that let you down at the worst possible moment, our zippers are from the most recognized brand in the world. Furthermore, our straps are comfortable yet tough and easy adjustable. Your valuables are stored safely yet easily accessible within a second. This distinction is what sets us apart.

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  • PEACE OF MIND – Lightweight, comfortable and secure, This belt is the perfect travel companion for both men and women. With both POCKETS RFID secure there is no need for RFID sleeves. You can even fit your passport with a cover. Stretchable to fit any size
  • QUALITY THAT LASTS – Don’t take any chances when it comes to your belongings. We only use Premium YKK Zippers! (The highest quality on the market)
  • LIFETIME RECOVERY SERVICE FOR LOST ITEMS INCLUDED – We have partnered with ReturnMe the worlds leading lost and found company, and we include TWO FREE Global Recovery Stickers (8,99$ Value) with your purchase. Stick them on your phone, passport, computer or other valuables, and their 24/7 call center will help you get your lost items back to you.
  • FREE TRAVEL DOCUMENT FOLDER – Keep your travel reservations organized while helping the environment. We eliminate waste, your belt arrives packaged in a Document Folder made from Kraft Paper!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- We will always make sure you are happy with your purchase. All our products are created by travelers to make your travel effortless.